Unveiling the Mystery of Mosaic Tile: How We Install it (so quickly!)

Updating your backsplash to follow modern trends doesn’t have to come at great cost to your finances or result in a great deal of kitchen/bathroom down time: our recycled glass mosaic tile are not only less expensive than you might expect, but a seasoned professional can install them quickly and easily.

Of course, glass mosaic tiles do a lot more than just look nice; they provide an easy to clean surface that makes light work of food splatters, popping grease and powdery flours. Learn how simple the process of installing mosaic tile is below, and consider calling for an expert to add color and convenience to your home.

Many homeowners are skeptical that this type of remodeling will give way to a disaster zone in the area being updated, so we’d like to let you in on our secrets of how your backsplash can be updated in the amount of time it takes to do the laundry!

Mosaic Tile

How to Prepare

As with any installation or renovation, the prep work is as important as the actual installation. Fortunately, mosaic tile calls for very little effort upfront. If you’re having an expert install the tiles, it will help if you clean the area before they arrive. The most important thing would be removing countertop appliances and any items that could get in the installer’s way.

The construction team will take care of moving any major appliances like the oven. Don’t worry if there’s already a backsplash in place; our tiles are installed over existing backsplashes, painted walls and other surfaces, saving the time and mess of tearing old tiles down.

The professionals will prepare the area by covering the countertops in paper, usually craft paper or something similar, in order to protect the surface from scrapes, grout or dust. After that, they’ll gather the supplies to begin.

Time Saving Mosiac Tile Slabs

Tile Slabs

The most important piece of equipment when it comes to mosaic tiling is the tiles. Though it’s possible to lay down individual tiles like they did in Roman times, it’s far more efficient to use 4’ by 10’ slabs of glass tiles that are affixed to paper fronting or mesh backing. The decreased installation time saves you money, and the final result is as gorgeous as if each tile was individually set.

Where We Start

attaching the tilesOnce our team gets down to business, it’s a fairly quick process. They choose the focal point to start the tile; this is usually above the range in a kitchen or above the sink in a bathroom. Ensuring the tiles are placed correctly is paramount, so the installers will often lay out the tile in the correct order beforehand.

Next up: attaching the tiles. A thin coating of adhesive is applied; this is what the tiles adhere to. The workers move quickly so the material doesn’t begin to dry before they’re finished placing the slabs. Once all the tiles are set the adhesive needs time to dry and cure. During this period, the workers will moisten and remove the paper fronting if there is any.

The final step is grouting. Once the curing is complete, the workers will quickly clean the attached tiles and apply the epoxy grout section by section until all the gaps are neatly filled. Our grout helps achieve long lasting beauty as it will not yellow or degrade.

Want Us to Work Our Magic in Your Home?

There’s no doubt that mosaic tiles add an elegant element to many rooms, including the kitchen bathroom and shower areas. Besides their timeless and colourful beauty, mosaic tiles also make cleaning up easy and are long lasting.

If you’re kitchen or bathroom could use an update, contact us for a free consultation for quick & gorgeous mosaic tile slabs.