What are the Hot Kitchen Design Trends for 2016?

The New Year always brings new and popular ideas when it comes to kitchen design trends for 2016.

2016 will be no different. Homeowners in Oakville, Toronto and Kitchener are embracing the “trendy tweaks” which are predicted for the year.

And plenty of people have reached out to NuStone Transformations to plan their major kitchen renovation too.

Whatever you want for your kitchen in 2016, get some design inspiration from the following hot trends.

Trends for 2016

Grey kitchen cabinets

Nothing will ever surpass white as the go-to colour for kitchen cabinets.

But people who are investing in cabinet refacing are selecting to go grey.

A second part of the grey kitchen cabinet trend is to combine cabinet colours (like soft grey cabinet doors with richly stained wood cabinet boxes).

This trend will be one to watch out for.

Although white is the #1 colour choice, design experts are predicting that grey will give it a good run for its money.

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Cabinets from the future

When it comes to cabinet hardware, handles and knobs are soooo last century.

Today’s modern homeowners want to take their kitchen cabinetry into the future with:

  • Touch button hydraulic doors
  • Automatic soft-closing cabinets
  • Slim (yet expandable) cabinets

Why are people interested in cabinets you’d find on the Starship Enterprise? Two reasons in particular stand out:

  1. Sleek, high-tech cabinets work and function well in a small space
  2. To remove the possibility of slamming the cabinets shut

Trends for 2016

Sinks with colour

There will always be a place for stainless steel sinks in the kitchen (or bathroom).

However installing a coloured sink is a great way to add a splash of colour and personality to an otherwise dull and dreary spot.

Plus a colourful kitchen sink is a great focal point and conversation starter too.

Want to really make your sink area pop? Why not match the shade of your coloured sink to your backsplash?

*Image courtesy of Lushome

Trends for 2016

Create some design drama

Design drama? Sounds bad.

In reality, people are choosing to place elements in their kitchen which – at first – may not quite fit or feel right.

But once they’re installed, they totally tie the room together.

Here are two prime examples for 2016:

  • Oversized light fixtures: If your kitchen has a low ceiling and an island, a large light fixture adds depth to the room while commanding instant attention.
  • Mosaics: Dark cabinets make a small kitchen feel smaller. So match them up with bright mosaic backsplash tiles or lightly coloured countertops to create a dramatic, contrasting look.

Multi-leveled drawers

Storage is always an issue, especially if you live in a small apartment or have a tiny kitchen.

To combat that limitation, people are requesting multi-tiered drawers during their kitchen renovation.

It’s a smart and simple way to double your storage space in certain areas of the kitchen.

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Now you know what’s hot for 2016.

Next up is to see how these trends will look in your kitchen.

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