What to Do About Bathroom Windows

Most bathrooms only have one or two small bathroom windows that add natural light and ventilation to the space, but while they aid in lighting they pose a separate, larger problem: privacy. Windows allow you to see out, but they also let others see in. If you don’t want anyone peeking in while you’re brushing your hair, you must do something to cover the windows or alter their transparency.

Though styling your bathroom windows so they are beautiful, functional and private can seem like a daunting task at first appearance, there are numerous ways to decorate your panes no matter what your personal style or practical need. Here is a quick round up of some lovely options.

Synthetic Wood-Look Shutters

Synthetic Wood Look ShuttersPopular not only in the bathroom but also in the rest of the home, wooden shutters are great at allowing in plenty of light when needed, and keeping onlookers out for when privacy is called. For a space as humid as the bathroom, opting for a synthetic material will extend their lifetime and allow you to avoid warping.


CurtainsWhether you prefer café curtains, which cover only the bottom half of a window, or full-length ones, soft, fabric curtains add a romantic and elegant touch to bathrooms, and they’re easy and relatively inexpensive to swap out when you are ready for an update.

Café curtains are a little less fussy, as they allow light to pour in through the top of the window, while keeping the bottom portion covered for modesty. Clearly, these are only a good option for windows that are higher up on the wall.

Full-length curtains can be left closed all the time if they’re relatively sheer, so light can penetrate, or they can be pulled back and secured using a plethora of hooks and ties for times when more light is necessary and closed when needing a sanctuary.

Frosted Glass or Window Films

If you’d rather not fret over curtains or doors, opt for frosted glass windows for a hassle-free solution. You may purchase windows with a frosted look already applied, or a professional can apply the look for a fee.

The resulting panes protect bathroom attendants by blurring the interior while letting in bountiful amounts of natural light. Though buying glass may be more expensive, it’s a permanent solution to the privacy issue, and you never have to worry about moisture affecting your window treatments.

Like frosted glass, window films take all the inconvenience out of the light and privacy issue. Unlike frosted glass, window films are always applied to the window after purchase, and you don’t necessarily need a professional to do it. They come in a variety of prints and patterns too. Films are also more affordable than some of the other options, while allowing you to play around with the design of the actual panes of glass, which no other system does.

You may love the natural light that your windows bring into your bathroom, but they can be a hazard if you live close to other houses or in an apartment building. Protect your privacy and style your home beautifully by using one of these fantastic options to decorate your windows.

Time to Update Your Bathroom Entirely?

If you’re thinking about your bathroom design, there might be a few other things on your list in addition to window treatments! Contact us if you’re interested in a consultation for a new tub, show, tile, or a complete overhaul!